Health Insurance Plans

For Individuals

Coverage when you need it.


Whether you’re transitioning from a group plan or simply understand the importance of health insurance for your long-term financial stability, we can find a suitable plan for you.

Do you currently have group insurance? If so, you should consider Assured Access coverage to secure future insurability based on today’s good health.

Are you transitioning out of a group plan due to lay-off or retirement? If so, Elements health insurance provides a variety of easy to understand options to fit your budget.

Not covered under an insurance plan, but also have some medical expenses? A Guaranteed Issue plan may provide suitable coverage when other options aren’t available.


When plan members leave an employer, they’re often left wondering what to do with their group retirement plan. We help facilitate the secure transfer of those assets to a suitable investment portfolio from a variety of Canada’s most well- known investment providers.

Enhanced Planning

Although there’s some overlap between group and individual skillsets, we specialize in group benefit and retirement programs, and don’t pretend to be the best at everything…it’s simply not possible. When needed, we engage subject matter experts (SME’s) to compliment the work we’ve already done, enhancing your probability of financial success.

Compensation disclosure:

Health insurance pays a commission in the first year, with a reduced “trailing/ renewal commission”, for each subsequent year.

Investments compensate the advisor in a variety of ways, however the commission structure we use doesn’t pay an upfront commission, only a “trailing” commission based on the value of your account. If you are unhappy with the service or performance you receive, you’re not penalized.

Other monetary and non-monetary compensation such as bonuses (new business and retention), events, campaigns, etc may also be received by the advisor.

We encourage clients to request more compensation transparency from advisors to determine if they are receiving good value for the advice and service they receive.

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